The Diary of a Nouveau Soccer Mom: Updating - 10/26 Church Fall Festival

Friday, October 31, 2008

Updating - 10/26 Church Fall Festival

Note to self: bug Chantel for pictures from this!!!

The next in our series of Halloween events was the church fall festival on Sunday.

After morning services, we headed to a quick lunch with Shaun then home to get Ben to nap. He wasn't completely thrilled but I needed him to get some sleep or he'd never make it through the afternoon. He did sleep, so when he woke up, we headed over to the church a little after 4.

I swear, it gets bigger & better every year. They had tons of bounce houses for the kids, games, snacks. We were there nearly 3 hours. Chantel & her crew met us there around 5 and the kids were even more thrilled to have their friends to play with. I got plenty of snuggle time with the twins which I don't object to either. :o)

Shaun never made it, since it ended at 7 and he didn't have an assistant. He at least was able to meet us for dinner with the Hayes. Nothing like 4 adults and 8 children in a restaurant The ratio isn't ideal, especially when the brilliant idea of letting the kids sit together at one table comes into play! Oh, and add the adults in a corner booth where it is difficult to get in and out, then imagine the fun! LOL! We had a blast and the pizza place didn't even charge for most of the little ones, so it was a good deal too.

Chantel, I need pics from the festival!!! :o)

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