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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Why Women Need Fat - Book Review

As with many of our BlogHer Book Club choices, Why Women Need Fat by William D. Lassek and Steven J.C. Gaulin isn't a book I would have likely picked up on my own. I just don't read health books, or diet books. Pass me a good mystery or biography any day and I'll dive right in, but this one wasn't quite my style.

But like any good book review, I dove right in, and learned a lot. I can't say it was the most compelling book I've ever read, and it's certainly not one you pick up to reread or recommend to a friend for a beach trip, but it was definitely interesting.

The main premise the doctors teach is that biology has much to do with weight loss and, conversely, weight gain. They advocate looking at evolutionary biology to see where, and how, weight issues seem to start spiraling.

The part that most caught my interest was the idea that the move away from the typical American diet, pre-1950 which included saturated fats to polyunsaturated fats, including the subsidies for corn and soybean, used for oils. These oils contain Omega-6 which also promote fat storage. They note that while corn and soybean themselves aren't bad, the processing involved to get oils leaves a less than desirable end product.

See, I knew there was a reason not to eat all the processed stuff! We keep persevering to eat more real foods, it can't be worse.

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  1. This looks like a good book, I agree that women need fat! :)

    1. I could have gotten even more behind it if it was entitled Why Women Need Cookies. ;o)



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