The Diary of a Nouveau Soccer Mom: Little bit of travel planning, for someday

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Little bit of travel planning, for someday

Once upon a time, Shaun and I took lovely, grown-up vacations, all around the world, staying in beautiful hotels and exploring historic sites. Then we had two kids and we did a modified version of the above.

And then, we discovered that while traveling with small children, having your own vehicle is a much more ideal situation. And Europe with small children? Well, I still have no seen the inside of St. Isaac's Cathedral in St. Petersburg, Russia, but I have seen the playground across the street. (Yes, we did drag our kids to Russia for a few weeks, they were 3.5 years and 9 months old. No, I'm not insane.) I did, however, hike into the Pyramids with 20-month old Mr. Ben strapped to my back in a meitai carrier.

Since then, we've tried some more domestic vacations and discovered some fun ideas. We did our great I-35 road trip two summers ago, from Dallas to San Antonio, via Austin, and explored the Alamo, hiked the Natural Bridge Caverns and visited the State Capitol. We've also driven home to Canada a couple of times.

It's our Canada road trip that has prompted parts of our vacation list, I'm thinking one of these times we need to budget some time to stop on our way to & from Canada:
  • Bowling Green, Kentucky - We stop there halfway on our trip to Canada and I am truly intrigued by the area. We want to go back sometime and actually stay more than a night. They have Mammoth Cave and Lost River Cave (I like caves), they have a Dinosaur World, they have some other kind of amusement park thingie on the side of a mountain, and they have a Corvette museum (for Ben, not me).
  • Memphis, Tennessee - We pass this every time we cross the Mississippi and I want to stop! There's a pyramid, they have pandas at their zoo, and they aren't far from Graceland.
  • Hot Springs, Arkansas - Gorgeous area and I could totally handle natural spas, it's a big travel destination for a lot of Dallas friends, so I think I need to check it out.
Even better, these are all within a day's drive of Dallas.

And our second wishlist, not as easy a drive, but we need to do it!
  • We still want to take the kids to Disney, someday,maybe Florida, maybe California. We've both been there, so we do want to do it once while the kids are young, but not make repeated trips. Ben is finally old enough to enjoy it, so it's moving up the lists
  • The Florida Gulf Coast beaches look amazing and Destin is another popular trip for our Dallas friends. My grandparents lived on the Atlantic side, but that water is colder, I think we'll take the Gulf Coast instead.
  • Vegas for Faith! Shaun and I have been there lots of times on company trips, but Faith has always wanted to ho. She'd love the shows, and it's always fun to check out the cool stuff the hotels have to offer.
  • California to visit family - Shaun has tons of family in the LA and San Diego areas, so we've had that on our list for awhile. We've tossed up the idea of Disney in CA and visiting family to get both done in one trip!
And of course, there's everything else we need to do too, it's finding the time to do it all ...


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