The Diary of a Nouveau Soccer Mom: Meal Planning Monday, Week 3

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Meal Planning Monday, Week 3

I'm quite happy to say that week 2 was a success as well. We stuck to the whole meal plan until Saturday night, then ended up switching our breakfast for dinner to frozen pizzas since we ended up out later than expected. However, we did *NOT* grab a meal out, so I'm still calling it success.

Being that Saturday's are generally busy with activities during the day and church in the evening, I'm thinking of not trying to plan a complicated meal that night, just pizza, mac and cheese, breakfast for dinner, etc, basically playing it by ear with a few quick & easy options.

Onwards to this week's meal plan! I won a month of meal planning at Food on the Table from Meal Planning Magic, so trying out a few of their recipes this week (the link for FotT is an affiliate, in the hopes of adding another month to my account if you choose to try it out), trying to find recipe links on other sites for what we are eating this week.

Sunday - Chicken Potpie, leftover lentil soup

Monday - Polynesian Sausage Supper, with rice (FotT)

Tuesday - Cube Steak Roll-ups, maybe with baked potatoes? (FotT)

Wednesday - Easy Chicken Parmesan, with pasta and garlic bread

Thursday - Chicken Teriyaki, rice & veggies (FotT using ribeye steaks, changing to chicken)

Friday - Breaded Pork Chops, Mashed Potatoes, Creamed Corn, Applesauce

Saturday - Pizza, breakfast for dinner, mac & cheese and sausages, something like that.

We also just made cupcakes (Shaun's birthday cupcakes got delayed a few days), banana nut muffins, and chicken & veggie stuffed muffins for some quick and easy snacks.

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