The Diary of a Nouveau Soccer Mom: Meal Planning Monday, Week 10

Monday, April 18, 2011

Meal Planning Monday, Week 10

Last week was a bit crazy. On the plus side, we did stick to eating at home, but the negative was we threw the better of the plan out the window. Monday night, we had the pool up and running, so we ended up spending the evening outside and just eating sandwiches. Monday's fajitas got bumped to Tuesday. On Wednesday, I received a review package via UPS with tortellini to try, so we had that. Thursday, we had so many leftovers, we had those. And so on. But again, we ate at home, so that counts for something!

For this week, we are having:

Sunday - Sushi night! Tuna, salmon and crab sushi for Shaun, spam musubi, tamago and extra rice for the kids.

Monday - Pizza night out by the pool

Tuesday - Chicken alfredo or chicken stir fry (going to precook the chicken in the crockpot, then we can decide at night which one we'd rather have)

Wednesday - Hamburgers in brown gravy with rice and veggies

Thursday - Breakfast for dinner, sausage, egg and hashbrown casserole

Friday - Crockpot lasagna since my mom and daddy are coming for Easter

Saturday - Taking my parents and the kids to Scarborough Faire

For dessert, we have a few cupcakes leftover, but we'll also need a birthday cake for my dad, plus Easter cookies, so I don't want to overbake right now.

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