The Diary of a Nouveau Soccer Mom: Meal Planning Monday, Week 12

Monday, May 16, 2011

Meal Planning Monday, Week 12

Last week, we mixed up our freezer meals with some other simple favorites. We ended up with tortellini in a tomato cream sauce, grilled chicken burgers with a pasta salad, and a leftover night.

This week, we have a TKD tournament on Saturday, so I'm only planning on 5 weekday meals. I'll be surprised if we have dinner at home on Saturday night, so it seemed easier to plan for 5.

In no special order, we are having:

Meal 1 - Turkey Tacos, Albertson's had ground turkey on for $1/lb two weeks ago and I bought 20 lbs to use in lieu of ground beef.

Meal 2 - Gnocchi in cream sauce, with garlic bread, unless I make the mac&cheese style gnocchi a friend linked to on her FB page.

Meal 3 - Stuffed baked potatoes. I have quite a few potatoes in the pantry, so the freezer stash can stay in the freezer and I'll make a fresh batch for one night. Since we already had tacos, thinking of topping these with roast beef and gravy.

Meal 4 - Soup and sandwich night. I could really go for a yummy soup right now, debating between lentil, beef barley and a few others. I have ground sausage in the freezer, so maybe sausage pinwheel sandwiches.

Meal 5 - Turkey Pot Pie. This is from the freezer stash, Faith asked for it.

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  1. This all sounds so yummy! The roast beef and gravy on the potatoes sounds so good. We usually eat baked potatoes with beans and salsa.



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