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Friday, December 30, 2011

Top 10 Posts of 2011

I've seen this on a few blogs and loved the idea, so I went into my Google Analytics to find mine! Granted, there are two days left in 2011, but there is nothing close enough to assume this list would change in the next two days.

So without further ado, my top 10 posts of 2011 (well, view in 2011, they could have been written before that):


A Possum Tale, or everything I never wanted to know about possum - With nearly 10,000 views, and 3 times the number of the next highest rated post, I have to wonder about a lot of things, but I'm glad that the world is apparently entertained by our possum experience.


Chocolate Cheesecake Strawberries - Now this is more of my kind of post, and entirely yummy! They were a thank you gift for a friend, and were featured on TipJunkie. They are also my most-pinned post from this blog on Pinterest.


Pink Lemonade Cupcakes - Another cooking experiment, these were for Faith's end of the year class party at church and they were so good. I've made them since too.


Recycled Art - Soda Bottle Jellyfish - F&B and I really enjoy the whole recycled art genre (literally, art from scraps and things you're not keeping), this jellyfish from a 2 liter soda bottle was the most popular of those posts.


Sidewalk Chalk Paint Fun - This is an older post, from 2009, but it's one of my higher pinned, and it's a whole lot of fun. Just two ingredients and you've got sidewalk chalk paint. And, it's non-toxic!


Our Summer Bucket List Top 10 - We weren't quite successful in all of them, but we did do quite a few, and some others not included (this was the beginnings of Ben's chain of books!).


Homemade Rocket Pops - Not only were these a hit, I entered them into a contest at the PX for all the Army Exchanges and won! We received a $1500 gift card to the PX and a choice of exercise equipment, so Shaun got a fancy-schmancy treadmill!


Top 10 Freezer Meals - Just a grouping (finally) of my favorite freezer meal recipes, which is making me want to get started on a Colorado round. We had to finish our stash before we moved from Texas and I miss having go-to meals!


Apricot Chocolate Chip Granola Bars - These are one of my favorite recipes for the kids. They don't have to be apricot/chocolate chip--any dried fruit, nuts, candy bits will do. Even better, no added sugar (sweetened with honey) and the base recipe is nut free!


Recycled Art - Chipboard Coaster Thank You Note Magnets - These are an old project that I finally blogged. With some scrapbook paper & decorations, you can cover chipboard coasters, attach a photo and a magnet, then write the back as a thank you note. Two bird, one stone!


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