The Diary of a Nouveau Soccer Mom: Meal Planning Monday - Week of 1/28/12

Monday, January 28, 2013

Meal Planning Monday - Week of 1/28/12

You know what they say about good intentions, right?

We followed our first meal planning week perfectly, a little shuffling of the order, but we ate all our meals, tried our new recipe (did NOT like), and haven't eaten out.  And then I got sick.  And then F&B got sick.  And we still tried to spend MLK weekend at Keystone where we were all sick and I spend most of my time in the lodge reading my Kindle.  We even went to the doctor, to find out we had really bad colds.  We still did eat at home, but there was a lot of soup, mac & cheese, sandwiches, etc.  I think, finally, we are better.

So, what are we having this week?

Sunday - Spaghetti

Monday - Shaun's quick stir fry with ground beef

Tuesday - Taco night

Wednesday - Turkey & sausage fried rice

Thursday - Hamburgers, pasta salad and chips

Friday - Pizza

Saturday - Crockpot pork loin (if we aren't skiing)

Plus I have plenty of emergency options in the freezer, so we should be safe from going out.

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