Girl Scout Cookie Booth Ideas

This year, Miss Faith and I decided to help add some decorations to our Girl Scout cookie booths.  We lucked out to get some great cookie booth times, both on post and off.  The sweet managers at our local Safeways were extra kind and let the girls set up in the store on two very cold days.

The stop sign was easy to make, and required only minimal craft supplies--2 sheets of red card stock ($1 tops!), a 3/8" flat dowel from Michael's (about 79cents) and some white paint.  Two of our neighbors were Faith's best customers, so we asked them if they would save us the boxes from the cookies.

I used a steak knife to very carefully slice through each box, one at a time, then wove each one onto the dowel.  The last box, I didn't pierce completely so the dowel wouldn't slip through. I added hot glue between each box to hold them in place.  I cut octagons from both piece of card stock, Faith painted the stop on one of them, then hot glued them to the dowel rod and sealed the edges.  About 5 minutes of work and we had an adorable sign that everyone noticed!

Because we live near a military base, we also get many people who want to make a donation for cookies for the troops.  Faith decided to make little bookmarks to help say thank you to them.  We used lots of old cookie boxes and cut them into strips.  (I used a scrapbooking paper cutter to streamline this.)

At the top of each, we punched a hole and wove some ribbon into it to make a tassel, then Faith wrote on the back of them "Thank you for supporting Girl Scouts Troop #, Location".  We also made a batch for our personal friends and family who bought from her.

Total cost for these?  $3 for the ribbon, and I already had the markers and tools to cut & hole punch them.

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  1. Awesome sign!!

  2. I love, love, love this! What an easy sign and great way to market her cookies.

  3. These are awesome ideas. So creative and easy to do. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. I love these ideas. So creative and easy to do. Thanks for sharing!!


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