All About Us

Where to begin?

That's us, we took the kids to Mount Rushmore in September 2014

Diary of a Nouveau Soccer Mom is my personal blog, with just a little bit of everything:
  • Our travel adventures
  • Things to do in our current city (Colorado Springs)
  • Books I love and read and blog about
  • Homeschooling, we've homeschooled 8 years in three different states
  • Product reviews for companies I work with or just things I like
  • Cooking & baking ideas that do not fit on my food blog
  • Girl Scouts & Cub Scouts, which both kids participate in
  • Other things that amuse me, entertain me, or that I think are cool
A Little About Me:
  • I'm married to my awesome husband for 18 years now, together for 22 years.  He's active duty Army, so we move more than I'd like to.
  • We have two teens--our daughter is almost 16 and our son is 13.  I homeschool them both.
  • I'm from Canada, a Texan at heart, currently living in and loving Colorado
  • I have a BA & MA in Political Science, plus teaching certification, but I'm on a very long term sabbatical.
  • I love to travel and I love to explore wherever it is we are currently living.
  • I'm a big book geek and my purse must fit my Kindle
  • I do like to craft and bake and cook, but I hate the cleaning up part
  • I have a border collie named Dante (yes, after the Inferno) who I adore
  • I love to ski but other than that, I'm good with warm weather all year long
Want to chat with me?  Send me books to read?  Invite us on awesome vacations?  Talk blog partnerships? Email me at