The Diary of a Nouveau Soccer Mom: All About Us

All About Us

Where to begin?

That's us, we took the kids to Mount Rushmore in September 2014

Diary of a Nouveau Soccer Mom is my personal blog, with just a little bit of everything:
  • Stories about life with my kids
  • Homeschooling, we've homeschooled 5 years in three different states
  • Product reviews for companies I work with or just things I like
  • Cooking & baking ideas that do not fit on my food blog
  • Lots and lots of books, because books are awesome
  • A bit about Army life, mostly the entertaining side
  • Things to do in the city we currently live in (right now, it's Dupont, WA)
  • Girl Scouts & Cub Scouts, which both kids participate in
  • Other things that amuse me, entertain me, or that I think are cool
A Little About Me:
  • I'm from Canada, but a Texan at heart, currently living in Washington and wishing I was in Colorado
  • I have a BA & MA in Political Science, but no one pays you to think
  • I teach part-time (7th grade social studies) and homeschool my own kids
  • I'm an Army wife, but don't blog much about it, unless something seriously amuses me
  • I'm a big book geek and my purse must fit my Kindle
  • I do like to craft and bake and sometimes cook, but I hate the cleaning up part
  • I have a puppy named Dante (yes, after the Inferno) who I adore
  • I love to ski but other than that, I'm good with warm weather all year long
The Cast of Characters:
  • Me - see above
  • Shaun - my husband, awesome daddy to F&B, active duty soldier, who humors me greatly 
  • Faith - our oldest, she's 12 and a diva who loves acting and singing, and wants to be a kindergarten teacher
  • Ben - our youngest, he's 9 and loves zombies, Legos, books, and has a whole lot of interesting things to share
  • Dante - our 3 year old border collie/lab mix rescue puppy who is the best dog ever
  • Assorted betta fish and snails that also live in our house


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