"Handy Mommy"

As per Miss Faith, of course. And possibly from Ben, although what he says isn't always discernible. I think he was echoing his sister.

After church and lunch, the three of us went to Super Target. I had in mind to buy a curtain rod and a pack or two of curtain rings that have clips hanging down from them. One of the girls on DAM has a similar thing in her house and I fell in love with the idea, so had to do it too. Anyhow, we purchased a wrought iron curtain rod and wrought iron rings to match. We came home, Ben went to nap and I went to work.

In my breakfast room, I took down the cute little chef pictures on my wall and brought out the laser level. Marked off several equally spaced dots, then brought out my electric drill. (And yes, for those playing along at home, *I* own an electric drill and laser level, thanks to my daddy.) Drilled my holes, pounded in a few drywall screws and screwed the brackets into the wall. From there, I was able to get my curtain rod installed, complete with the hanging rings.

And voila ...

One curtain rod, with hooks, to hang some of the kids' artwork. I need some more rings--my SuperTarget only had 1 pack of the style I liked, so I'll need to run to another Target for a second pack.

Currently on display: a windsock Ben made in church this morning, a coloring page of his, a chameleon Faith drew in art class on Friday, a sheep made of cotton balls, a zebra mask from preschool, etc.

Tomorrow, I may even put up a dry erase board!