The mouse in the pool

And in the list of reasons my birthday sucked, I cannot believe I forgot this one!

We got home and I was going to give the kids a shower. There was something brown on the hose that connects the pool cleaner to the wall. I went outside to investigate further and it was a *mouse*. Just sitting out there.

So I did the logical thing and threw a rock towards it. It moved a little, so it was an alive mouse. Then I went inside and locked the door. Because, you know, mice can turn doorknobs.

I started making phoncalls:
My dad was 1400 miles away but suggested I remove it before it falls in and I have a dead mouse to deal with
Shaun is with a customer
My FIL is working
Christina called Don for me and he doesn't answer either
My dad then suggested that I get the pool skimmer and catapult the mouse over the fence (yeah, right, me?)

All the while the stupid little mouse is sitting out there taunting me.

Finally, as I'm in my office, I notice that one of the boys next door came by (they have teenage sons). I think it is better to be the crazy person next door with no mouse in my pool than to keep quiet & keep the mouse.

Their son-in-law came over and removed the critter for me. The stupid mouse jumped off the skimmer the first time and dove into the pool. So he had to fish it out again before dumping it over the fence.

And in case you ever wanted to know, mice can swim. And quickly too.


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