Birthday Dinner

Terrie's birthday was today, so we ended up going out for dinner with everyone (except for Don & Sebastian because Sebastian really shouldn't be out at this time of year, so Don stayed with him). We went to Kirby's--food was good, but service is still slow. :oP We got in close to 10 after a 7pm dinner.

Made Terrie a picture frame:

I didn't get the pictures finished in time. Nica & Christina didn't get their emails from me till too late, so I didn't have good recent pics of their kids. I told her I'll finish it and give it back once I get pictures.

Made a mailbox too. Hers is similar to this one but with more of a red tone and snowmen in the paper, I forgot to take a picture:

It was really cute. I'll have to take one on Thanksgiving.

And two pictures from dinner, the kids were playing together:


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