Dinner Success

My kids are good eaters. I already know this and am very proud of that fact. They seriously will eat anything, we can take them to all restaurants and they can find food they will eat that does not fall into the crappy kid food category.

But sometimes, you just really hit a big winner.

Tonight, I made pork chops from a recipe I got in email the other week (Kraft, Campbell's, one of those kinds). It was for a creamy ranch pork chop meal and sounded pretty good to Shaun & I, so we figured, it warrented at least one try.

Now, I usually buy 4 packs of things like pork chops or chicken breasts or hamburger patties--2 for him, 1 for me and 1 for the kids to split. I used a higher weight package of pork chops tonight but there were 4 of them. I cook the food and it does smell good. So I go to serve it.

I cut up one pork chop and give half to Faith & half to Ben, then get them settled at the table. I make myself a plate (one more chop) and sit down with them. No sooner do I sit down and Ben starts a chant of "more more more!" He continues hooting and carrying on until I cut a section off my pork chop and give it to him. Then Faith starts in and she too gets a section of my pork chop.

Shaun joins us at the table and I notice he only took 1 chop for himself. When asked, he tells me he figures the kids seem to like it, so he'll leave the 4th one there for them just in case. If not, he can get it later. I manage to take about 2 bites of my own pork chop before Ben starts the "more" chant again. I give him the rest of mine, then go back to the kitchen for the 4th one.

I get back to the table and sure enough both kids want more. So I cut the 4th chop in half and Faith gets 1 piece and Ben gets the other. They finish those and we convince them to have some fruit instead (OK, we were out of pork chops at this point). Shaun goes to make himself soup and I have to go make a sandwich. The kids ate pretty much 3 pork chops between the two of them, Shaun got one and I got 3 bites.

I guess it was definitely a successful meal.

We'll just forget the fact that Faith called it chicken all night long.


  1. I make that all the time! It's a favorite here! :) Although, I started using chicken instead of pork chops. We like chicken better.

  2. Sounds good - my kids aren't huge fans of meat. I don't know why. Well the youngest likes it better than my three year old.


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