While I was showering ...

Apparently, "Mommy is going to shower now" is heard as "let's tear up the house & fight with each other for a good half hour".

Things I head while I was in the shower:
Mooooooom, Ben's jumping on the couch.
Mooooooom, Ben hit me.
Mooooooom, Ben turned off the tv.
Mooooooom, Ben erased the mouse I drew for him on his magnadoodle
Moooooooomy, Fay-fay hit.
Moooooooomy, go potty.
Moooooooomy, watch Mouse.
Moooooooomy, drink!
Ke-thunka thunka thunka thunka (this is the sound of elephants running up and down the front stairs btw)

Things that happened while I was in the shower:
Ben got himself stuck in the bathroom.
Ben got himself stuck in the bedroom.
Ben put his big toy in front of the shower, getting me stuck in the shower.
One or both kids took out all the little people.
One of both kids spilled a glass of water on the table.
Faith got upset because Ben erased her picture (on his tablet) causing major drama.
Faith put on a show she wanted to watch, thus upsetting Ben.

Oh, and somehow, I actually washed my hair.


  1. hahaha! That's funny! It probably wasn't at the time though. Sounds vaguely familiar to what goes on around here!

  2. That sounds verrry familiar!

  3. Sounds like a shower at my house! lol


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