Ben sings the ABCs!

The musical stylings of Mr. Ben!


  1. Adore, as USUAL!

  2. OMG could that kid get any cuter? I love him!

    He is looking so much like Faith that it is almost scary! (in a very masculine way, of course!)

  3. Krysta, I thought the same thing about him looking like Faith!

    Can I take him home? Just for a little while? :D He's just so cute!

    Ashton watched it with me, and her response was, "Ben TALKS? I never hear him talk! How can he sing if he doesn't even TALK?". lol

  4. He is soooo cute!!!! Now we have GOT to get him to talk more around ME!!!!!!

    AHHHH!! I can't wait to see them all dressed up at the wedding. How adorable will they be!!!!

  5. Laughing at Ashton over here Nicole! ;)


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