The Very Special Arts Festival {Plano Centre, Plano}

I took F&B to the Very Special Arts Festival today. It's put on by a variety of community groups and filled with tons of make & take crafts for the kids. Each table had a different activity. My personal favorite was the turtle tambourines. Ben's was the balloon table (granted, his favorite was the balloon, not the decorating it part, he just liked the balloon), his second choice was the Fruit Loop art because he could eat the Fruit Loops. Faith's was a toss up between the feather crown and the Valentine cards.

Faith makes a card

Ben shows off his finished card

The boy in his crown

The girl in her crown with the uncooperative boy

The boy making Fruit Loop art & eating the supplies

The girl making Fruit Loop art & not eating the supplies


  1. How fun!

    Cute Crafts!

  2. FIRST thing Noah did at the fruit loops was eat the art! HA!

    Sorry we bailed on you early. We didn't even make it all the way around the room before Izzy was bored and Noah was making me nuts.


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