Adventures at Lowe's


For awhile now, I've heard my gfs talk about the cute projects their kids have made at clinics offered by Lowe's and Home Depot. And I've always thought Faith & Ben would enjoy doing it. I tried to take Faith once, maybe a year or so ago, but they were out of projects by the time we got there and I never tried again.

However, Lowe's opened a brand new store right by my house. If you know where I live, it's right next to the Super Target, so it's all of maybe 3 minutes from my house. Actually, if you stand on my back patio and look in the right direction, you can make out just over the treeline where the Target is. So yeah, it is that close.

Anyhow, since the store is conveniently located now, I decided to sign up F&B for the make-your-own-bird feeder class today. We got up, we hurried up and ate and got dressed and we headed over to Lowe's.

I now know why my friends rave about these clinics. They had it all set up with a project for each kid that was very easy to assemble. The kids got aprons with their names on them and goggles and hammers. And they got to work. My children lucked out that mommy is handy enough to build a bird feeder if she has really good directions, so they were able to each make their own. Faith figured it out pretty easily, she was able to basically put it together herself with little help from me (mostly direction reading and holding a few pieces in place while she hammered). And Ben liked hammering, so I put it together and he whacked away at it. When we were done, they got a badge to go on their aprons (note to self, beg Krysta to teach me to sew a badge on properly). The nice guys running the clinic also let them keep their hammers and their goggles. I'm not sure if they were supposed to, but they offered and I wasn't going to press the issue.

They were very proud of themselves, so we went home and called Nana&Dave to tell them all about it. The next clinic is March 8 so I will take them again. The following one is March 22 and hopefully my dad will be here. He said he would love to take them and Faith is thrilled at the prospect of going with him, so hopefully, that all works out.

As for the picture of little Mr Trouble above, taken shortly before I confiscated his hammer, doesn't he look sweet & innocent? :oP


  1. Sweet and innocent? Nope. He looks like "hmmmm, now what can I hammer around here?" HAHAHA!

  2. In case you wondered what the answer to your question was, it was his sister. That's why I had to take the hammer away. ;o)

  3. I still have managed to get my girls to one of these! I definitely need to. :)

  4. Um, meant to say I have NOT managed to get them to one.


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