Snow Day Adventures or Why we suck as parents, episode 1

OK, we may suck as parents.

After yesterday's snow, many of the school districts had late starts. Of course, Faith doesn't go to public school, but her school follows its location-ISD closings. And of course, that is the one flipping ISD that didn't have a late start. We received email from her principal that said school was open but since many parents drive a fair distance, that we should use our own discretion as to whether or not to bring the children.

Shaun & I discussed it and we decided that she would skip the first class no matter what. He was up and watching the news while F&B and I slept and made the executive decision that the roads and Texas drivers are horrible so he wasn't about to drive to her school and he didn't want me to have to drivet here to pick her up in case it got worse (fyi, it didn't).

Needless to say, she had her first "snow day" of the year with no snow on the ground and no ice on the roads after 10am. We just opted not to tell her that she could have gone. Nothing good would have come of that. ;o)