A Day in the Life of Shark Boy

Ben has taken to wearing a shark costume around the house. He can't get into it on his own, but he'll bring it to me and ask me to help him put it on. I usually oblige even though it is 93 degrees in Dallas and it's a plush shark costume.

Then he plays one of his many shark games. Sometimes it is pirate & shark, sometimes it is shark and swimmer, sometimes it's just being a shark. Faith plays with him, as the pirate, swimmer, etc. He'll chase her around the house, pretend to "chomp" her with his arms, and she'll run screaming. In theory, it is a good game, except ...

Ben is a bit of a biter. Now, he pretty much only bites when provoked and he only bites his sister, but he is still a biter.

Today, I walked out front to get the mail while the kids were playing. As I was walking back up to the house, I see them standing at the door and I hear a scream then Faith starts crying. They were jostling for position by the door (and more than likely who was going to open the door for me) and Ben took a chomp out of her arm. Again. Only this time, he broke the skin. So I had to stick Mr. Chompy in a corner, put antibiotic ointment and a bandaid on her arm, then have another talk about not biting his sister with the boy. What fun. :oP

No more than 15 minutes later, Faith appears in front of me with Ben and his shark costume. She wants him to dress up as a shark.

Seriously? You want him to be a shark? You want him to chase you around the house, pretending to eat you? You want him to dress up in a costume that promotes him biting you????? I sometimes wonder about her logic.


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