Life's Not Fair, Get Over It

Ugh, we have officially hit the "life's not fair" phase with Faith and I'm ready to scream.

Everything must be "fair". How many pieces of pork chop on her & Ben's plate (and she counts), the size of a cookie, the number of hugs from Mommy, exactly what each one got for a snack, what Ben does while she is at school so we can make sure she does it too, what tv shows are watched, ifI pick Ben up to show him what is cooking for dinner, etc, etc, etc.

I'm slowly going crazy. Last night, we went shopping then to Cheesecake Factory for dinner. I made the mistake of giving Ben the last piece of bread. Never mind the fact that Faith liked something else on the table that Ben wouldn't eat, it would only be fair if I cut that piece of bread in half. Which I wouldn't do because Ben is food-possessive and he would have likely thrown a fit if I took back his bread and cut it in half. So she sulked until the waitress showed up with more bread. Of course, that was immediately followed by the comment that she would have one, then they had to share the other pieces.

And I bought Ben jammies last night. He actually needed a few pairs of size 3 ones. His 2s seem to small but the 4s are really big. Disney Store had some on sale, so I got him a few pairs. I sat down at the table and Faith immediately asked what is in the bag. I told her jammies for Ben and a birthday gift. She said (of course) "well, what did you get me?" I told her nothing, and right away, "well that's not fair." Sorry chickie, you don't need new jammies and I'm not buying them just because (she has about 5 pairs that are size 6s plus summer ones).

Then, to add insult to injury, the boy has picked up on this. If he doesn't like what you say to him now, he walks around the house, muttering under his breath "not fair, not fair, not fair."


  1. Is it ok for my to be doubled over laughing????

    I sure hope so *wink*.

    That is so hysterical. Hopefully she doesn't think it unfair that Ben carries the rings..and she drops flowers. I certainly think she would prefer the twirly dress over the little man's tux ;)

  2. Oh my, can I relate to THIS! Must be the age because Gabe and Hannah both do it. Drive me freaking batty. I'm like you an inclined to say "So what?" when I hear them start the "it's not faiiiiirrrrrr".

  3. Oh no that doesn't sound like fun at all. I don't look forward to that phase at all.

  4. Aaw geez I'm so sorry, I hope it's just a phase and that she grows out of it quickly!


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