Pink Bunny Cookies

Upon getting home from picking Faith up at school today, both kids had fallen asleep. I put Faith on the couch and put Ben in his room, then sat down to have a few moments of peaceful bliss.

Then I heard a happy little voice on the monitor and realized that the peace was not about to happen. However, since the girl was asleep on the couch in the living room, I needed some way of keeping the boy occupied so he would refrain from poking her sleeping form with his toy sword.

Enter pink bunny cookies.

After Easter, SuperTarget had the slice&bake style cookies with Easter prints on sale for 19cents. For 19cents a pack, I can definitely overlook the fact that the packs are all Easter themed. They freeze well and the cookies still taste like cookies and they are staying in my house. So Mr. Ben & I pulled out a pack of pink bunny cookies and baked them.

Look Mama, cookies!

Breaking apart the bunnies

He is quite proud of his cookies, he even cut out the hearts

TaDa! Yummy cookies a la Ben!

And for anyone with more than one small child, I'm sure you can guess Faith's reaction when she woke up. Because, you know, she *never* gets to do anything fun. :oP


  1. That is so cute! Your kid's are too adorable!

  2. Cute, and those look yummy, I'm craving sugar cookies now, what a great deal, too!!!!

  3. I can TOTALLY hear her right now!!! Asking why you never make cookies with her, and why Ben got to make cookies...and why did you not wake me up mommy??? I like cookies. I can soooo hear her!

  4. Loved this. And oh my gosh, I can totally relate to the other sibling whining because they never get to do anything fun. Ha!


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