Tonight we took the munchkins to the Dallas Zoo. We joined this year after figuring out that if we went twice, it would pay for itself. We'll definitely go twice, if not more. Being that we have a pass, I can see me going with the kids just to meet up with friends and play at the children's zoo. Plus it includes admission to one of the aquariums in Dallas and reciprocal zoo passes around the US, so we'll go to the Buffalo Zoo when we are home this summer.

Tonight was Zoobilee which was a members' event. It was fun, but we were unable to do the special activities, mostly due to my adversion to waiting in big-ass lines. Faith can bounce in a bounce house tomorrow at a birthday party for as long as she wants to, I'm just not waiting in a line of 50 people so she can do it for 2 minutes at the zoo. That said, we had a great time. Ben was totally fascinated with the animals, especially since he really doesn't remember being there before. Faith does, but she still loved it.

F&B ride kangaroos at the children's zoo

Faith is almost as tall as the big penguin (Ben refused to pose for this)

Ben rides a barrel horse in the children's zoo

F&B climb the spider web in the children's zoo

Butterfly Faith, or Fairy Faith, one of the two


  1. We had a zoo membership last year and the downside was how busy any special event was...we usually ended up skipping them. Cute pics though...I love that butterfly chair!

  2. How fun! I'm not brave enough to take all mine to the zoo by myself yet. Great pics.!


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