A Conversation with F&B

We headed off to SuperTarget late this afternoon. I had a chicken enchilada casserole out for dinner but I wanted tostada chips for on the side.

While at SuperTarget, I opted to do a little much needed shopping--paper towels, milk, etc. Faith then reminds me (repeatedly) that we need syrup and cereal. Over and over and over again.

Finally I gave up.

Me: We're not getting those, we dont really need them.
F: But we dooooooooooo, what are we going to eat for breakfast?
Me: Well, we've decided to make budget cuts and eliminate breakfast, you already eat two other meals. [Note to self: sarcasm is often lost on five year olds.]
F: But we have to eat breakfast, I need it.
Me: What could you eat for breakfast?
Ben: Corndogs!!!!
Me: [look of utter disgust I'm sure] Corndogs? Who in their right mind would give you corndogs for breakfast?
F: Daddy would!

OK, now, that is probably true, but I am pretty sure Shaun does *not* give the children corndogs for breakfast. I'm reasonably certain that lunch and dinner are fair game, but breakfast? And really, why would anyone even want to eat a corndog for breakfast?

I think a few more grey hairs popped out before we left the store.


  1. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! It is never a dull moment with those 2!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ha Ha, too funny.

    I too have realized sarcasm is lost on 5 year olds. She is getting better, but more often then not it causes severe anxiety in her.


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