Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme ...

Shaun was off today for Memorial Day, so we took the kids to Scarborough Faire. I have been singing the song all day, so it's only fair that anyone reading this should have it running through their heads too. I tried to make Shaun do it too, but he didn't know the song, so it's just me that has that annoying refrain on perennial repeat.

Anyhow, the Faire was about an hour south of us, so we headed out of here at 11, got there around noon and stayed till it closed around 7. Thankfully, F&B stayed awake in the car, so when we got home around 8, they went right to bed.

Let's see, we ate a ton, they shot arrows, rode llamas, saw a couple of jousts, saw a dual, saw turtle races, ate some more, went on a couple of rides, played a couple of game, ate some more, saw a few fairies, met some interesting knights who gave them jeweled dragon tears to wish on and got some new dress up costumes.

I've never been before and Shaun hasn't been in years (he thinks it was probably high school last he went), so we all had a good time.

Ben learning how to shoot a bow & arrow

Faith rides a llama

Ben & his llama

Faith and a really cool carved stump/chair

The kids meet some cool knights--these guys weren't part of the fair, they were just dressed up, but they gave the kids little gems that were "dragon tears" to wish on and took pictures with them. They told Shaun & I that they like to see the imagination with the kids which is why they come in costume.

Faith and a knight water fountain

On a swinging boat ride, the boy was not quite thrilled

Faith and a fairy she met along the way

Showing off their new hats--Faith got a pretty crown and Ben got a dragon hat. They also each got a cape and a white unicorn & brown horse hat that are similar to Ben's dragon one.

Dragon Ben, isn't he the cutest dragon ever???


  1. I just found your blog while bloghopping from another DAM member's blog. It's just as interesting to read as your posts on DAM!

    It looks like your kids had a wonderful time at Scarbrough Faire. It brought back memories of going to the Renaissance Faire in Houston with my parents. I am looking forward to the day when Lucy is old enough for me to take her.

  2. Oh that looks like so much fun!
    Don't hate me, they made me do it.. but I am Tagging you! Check out my blog to see what to do.

  3. Looks like you had a great time! I went a few years ago...I can't wait till Raemi is old enough to go and enjoy it!!!


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