A New Recipe with Ben

My children have inherited their father's love for odd sorts of food, including the infamous corndog. Case in point, from another post, we were shopping at Target one day and I asked what breakfast foods we needed and Ben said "Corndogs!" I asked who in the world would give them corndogs for breakfast and Faith looked at me quite seriously and said "Daddy would."

So, despite my concerns about them actually *being* food, we do have corndogs in this house. I'm perfectly content with my once a year corndog at the State Fair of Texas, but I tend to lose this battle.

Back to today's story. On BBC, someone posted a recipe for "corndog pie". After I got through with my initial "yuck", I realized that my children would probably love it. Ben and I whipped up a batch for lunch today. I had my very own helper in the form of a two year old who decicded that corn muffin batter is not yummy when not cooked.

My little sweetie, posing with his tray o' muffins before baking them.

Oh, and the muffins were a hit. We made 20 mini muffins. We have 6 left. I didn't eat any of them.


  1. LOL! You're Too Funny!

    I'm Glad The Kids Liked Them. hehe!

  2. Tell ya what, I will make sure to have some Latex Gloves, in a "champagne" color to match the wedding colors...just in case he eats the rings. You just might have to search through the poo to find them. HA! Just tell him that superman DOES NOT eat rings. Superman only eats cake...and we should be good =)

  3. I have never had a corn dog I wonder if I am missing out.

    Cutie with a tray.

  4. Hmm, not a big corndog fan either, but muffins might not be bad! I think it's fun that your husband gives them things like that for breakfast! Cute pic, too!!!

  5. I would like to get my hands on that recipe!


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