It's all about donuts ...

We had a Krispy Kreme tour scheduled today. I booked this months ago.

Let's just say the KK's organizational skills left a lot to be desired. No one really acknowledged that we were all there, so I finally went up to the counter and said that we weren't likely expecting more people, so why don't we go ahead with the tour. They looked confused. The workers aren't the regular workers, they were fill-ins from another store. And no one thought to tell them that there was a tour scheduled for today.

I give the women a lot of credit. They pulled it off rather quickly, gave the kids sticker books, hats & balloons, explained the donut thing to them, then brought out trays of donuts, chocolate dipping sauce & sprinkles. Each kid got to make their own donut. Mine loved making the donuts, even though Ben decided he didn't like his after the fact. I helped him out by eating his for him. Such is a mommy sacrifice of course. ;o)

Ben dipping his donut in chocolate

Faith playing with some uncooked donut dough


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