Updating - 9/28 Faith's Birthday Party!

We had Faith's 6th birthday party the day after her actual birthday. She decided she wanted a Strawberry Shortcake party at our house, so that is what we went with. We had 15 little girls which was quite cute and relatively calm (thank GOD!).

We based it off of the "Meet Strawberry Shortcake" book where they plan Apple Dumpling's birthday party. The girls colored Strawberry Shortcake pictures when they got here, then we read the story. Then it was our own trip through Strawberryland! :o)

We went to Cookie Corners first (where Ginger Snap lives) and decorated cookies for the party. Then we went to Orange Blossom Acres (home of Orange Blossom) and played fruit bingo for SS prizes. Then, it was off to Cakewalk with Angel Cake where the girls played a cakewalk game (and pin the berry on Strawberry Shortcake). After that, it was Huckleberry Briar where they made decorated their party hats before it was cake & ice cream time.

We did the cutest (imho) favor boxes with little SS bentos. Inside there were SS socks, lotions, gel pens, hair pretties, etc, assorted combos. I've since seen the boxes during first grade lunchtime at school, so I assume they were a hit!

My dining room, the night before.

Faith trying to pin a berry

Sassy girl!

Her birthday cake

Blowing out her candles and making a wish