At school, we use a grammar/writing program which starts in first grade and runs through the end of fifth grade.Already, they are diagramming sentences (Subject Noun, Verb, Adverb, Adjective, Preposition, Object of the Prep, Personal Pronouns) and writing expository paragraphs (7 sentence format) which just amazes me.

They are now starting descriptive writing, which Faith told me is painting a word picture to tell someone about something you like. They use the five senses as help plus an interesting fact to illustrate their description. She had to write her own and I thought it was so cute:

Maple Carrots
by: Faith ******
One of my favorite foods is maple carrots. Maple carrots are bright orange and round like a coin. When I bite them, they are soft and warm. They taste sweet like maple syrup, and smell like real pancakes. I ate twenty maple carrots when I was a baby because I like them a lot. Everyone should try maple carrots. They are good for you!