Cheeseburger in Paradise!

Faith was invited to a cookie party today by one of the little girls from her church class. The invitation said to bring a cookie to share, so Faith & I made "cheeseburger in paradise cookies"!

Tell me these aren't the cutest cookies ever! Even better, they are absolutely no-bake!

Each cookie needs:
2 Nilla Wafers for the buns
1 Keebler Grasshopper Cookie (or similar) for the burger
Vanilla Icing dyed orange for the cheese
Coconut dyed green for the lettuce
Sesame seeds for decoration on the top

Lay one Nilla Wafer top down, dab with a dot of icing.
Top with a Grasshopper cookie.
Put a generous dab of icing on top.
Sprinkle with coconut.
Top with second Nilla Wafer.
Brush with water or an egg wash & sprinkle with sesame seeds


  1. You must share the recipe! Those are so cute!

  2. Anonymous7:21 PM

    where is the recipe for cheeseburger cookies? Its not here?


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