Day Out With Thomas the Train

We surprised Mr. Ben with tickets to a Day Out with Thomas since it was in Grapevine this week. Faith even managed to keep it a secret from him. We parked and walked, then put Ben up on Shaun's shoulders and kept asking him what he saw. All of a sudden, he realized where we were pointing and said "IT'S THOMAS!!!!" So cute. We did the ride on Thomas plus spend some time at the other activities there. Faith even said she liked it too and Ben of course loved every minute.

F&B and Sir Topham Hat

The four of us riding the train

F&B waiting in line for a picture with Thomas (Ben is blowing a Thomas shaped train whistle; clearly I am insane for purchasing it)

F&B and Thomas!!!

And just Thomas, even though I wasn't supposed to stand on the track and take pictures, oops!