Happy Easter & a Surprise!

Happy Easter to all!!!!

We had a great day, my parents flew in on Friday night, much to the surprise of F&B who woke up shocked on Saturday morning when Nana and Dave came down the stairs.

I had told the kids I had to make a Target run, so they didn't wonder why I left the house at 10pm. After Faith woke up, I told her I had to show them both what I found at Target and my parents came downstairs. Shocked is a more appropriate word than surprised for the girl. Ben went running to hug them, Faith stood there with her mouth open. :o) Later on, she asked me something about Target and I told her I hadn't gone. She wanted to know "so where did you find Nana and Dave then?"

Anyhow, we did church, an egg hunt at home, swimming in the hot tub and a yummy dinner. It was a good day.

F&B before church

Faith with her Easter basket

And Ben with his!


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