Tales from our summer vacation, so far ...

As of Wednesday, Ben was officially out of preschool for the summer, which means no one in our house goes back to school until August.

As of Thursday, I started counting down the days until school starts in August.

So far, we have:
-gone swimming, multiple times
-gone to the park, twice
-gone to Lowe's to build a project of some sort
-gone to Michael's to stock up on craft supplies
-hosted a first birthday party for my dear friend's twins which was a weekend long playdate for the kiddos
-gone to the library
-gone to a book fair and gotten new books
-the week before, we went to Scarborough Fair
-and so on ...

I just walked into my living room. They were jumping from chair to ottoman to couch.

One of us is not going to make it through the summer. Think anyone would notice if I ran away.


  1. O.M.G. I am cracking up!!!!!!! Time to have another baby?????

  2. You're still coming on Tuesday, right????????

    I need an out!


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