The Last Week or So, in Pictures

It should come as no surprise that *I* am exhausted. In the 10 or so days since my last post, the children have kept me extremely busy. In theory, it's vice versa. I'm keeping them busy, but I'm the only one that is showing signs of fatigue.

We had a bug day--we made bug jars and read books about bugs. If you know my children at all, you know it is safe to say that we would never collect bugs in a jar!

We went to the Dallas Museum of Art for a kids' day. They made African shakers, tried out some interactive exhibits, and we toured the Asian & African Art gallery. The Egypt relics were Faith's favorites.

We went to the Lego Store at Stonebriar for a Make & Take event, they made boats out of lego!

We ran the Komen 5K Race for the Cure!

We did science experiments with sponge creatures that were smooshed into pellets that melted in hot water. Then we made under the sea scenes with the sponge creatures (because sponge painting would not be fun for me).

We broke out stencils and worked on making line drawings out of them. Ben got bored quickly, but Faith loved it and did an awesome job.

Not pictured, we had a playdate with Abby & her brothers at their house, a swim playdate with Audrey & Gracie at our house, we had Life Group on Thursday, we had Wednesday night church activities, I had a conference in Fort Worth, we went to Peter Piper Pizza with Uncle Alex, Auntie Nica & Angelina.

This week, Faith has Adventure Kidz stuff on Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday, so I'm on my own for entertaining the boy. Today, she went to Hawaiian Falls and I took him to PPP for an activity. Tomorrow, she is off to Main Event, and I'm sure he's not going to just let me sleep.


  1. A good parent sacrifices much for her children.....of course it is usually her sanity that she sacrifices, but hey, you are an awesome mom. Love you kiddo.


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