Another Lowe's Saturday!

This is why I love Lowe's. Not only is it closer to the house, and the staff is really sweet (including the guy at the paint counter who I am in love with because he finally figured out how to get the staple scratches off my dining room table), but they have the best kids' programs!

And unlike Home Depot, you can sign up, in advance, online, which guarantees your project!  HD is first-come, first-serve from 9 - noon. We've been there at 9:45 and still not gotten a project. So I'm officially done with trying to go to Home Depot.

We got to Lowe's a little after 10 and got to work hammering:

And more hammering, Ben takes his hammering very seroiusly:

Ta da! A fire truck! And a very messy haired boy.

Ben's very cool Lowe's apron with all his various patches:

Next up is a ball toss game in two weeks, then a Frankenstein for Halloween!!!


  1. Anonymous12:26 PM

    Alexus, Ernest, Hendrix and I thank you for letting us know about this. We did the ball toss project today and signed up for Frankenstein on the 24th.


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