First Day at Panther Preschool!

It's official, Ben is a preschooler at PESH!

His first day was today and he *loved* it. Ms. McCutchan said he was beaming all day and had a wonderful time! He was so excited to go, he took her a copy of "How Do Dinosaurs Go to School" as a first day gift and she read it to the class later. He told us he drew pictures, played in centers, went outside, had a snack, read a story, and something else that I am drawing a blank on right now. He cannot wait to go back on Monday!

My big preschool boy!

Welcome to PESH & Panther Preschool

Getting his name tag from Ms. McCutchan--
he is Ben C., the name is more popular than we thought

Ben & his teacher (I have the same pic of her and Faith too)


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