Happy 7th Birthday Faith

Today, my baby girl turned 7! It is so hard to believe it's been 7 years already.

Little Miss Sassypants woke up and dressed up in her new outfit for church, and looked so grown up! I do love the outfit on her though.

We went to church, then she chose Rafain for lunch. The original plan was for dinner, but we were all hungry and they do have a very nice lunch as well. She told our waiter that she had picked the restaurant for her birthday, so he brought her a special piece of cheesecake with a candle and everything!

However, before Rafain & after church, Faith insisted we come home for present time! We were very lucky to get her out of the house after present time. I think it was the promsie that, if we ate lunch, she could play uninterrupted for the rest of the day.

She got the very coveted Strawberry Shortcake jewelry box from Nana & Dave, along with some Puppy Place books.

She got a new American Girl game from Mommy & Daddy, several Teeniest Tiniest Pet Shops, books, a DS game, a Polly Pocket set, and a LPS Armadillo. Ben also got her a LPS bird play set.

Auntie Carolyn, Uncle Bill & Lydia sent her three new DS games and Grandma Carm sent her money that she cannot wait to go shopping to spend (I'm having her wait till after her party with her friends and an Amazon box from Uncle Scott & Auntie Denise arrives).

She also got the much desired Ponyville La-Ti-Da Spa. I actually bought this back in July during Target's clearance because I thought she'd like it. She found some Ponyville brochure last week and told Shaun that she really really wanted it, so he emailed that to me. It was the first toy that had to come out of the package.

Since we went to lunch versus dinner, on the way home from Rafain, we stopped at Kroger to pick up a little birthday cake. She'll have a special cake with her friends, but we had anticipated on ordering a special dessert at the restaurant instead. Thankfully, our Kroger has many yummy & small cakes, so we opted for a little vanilla one with leafy looking icing and balloons.

We sang to her later in the evening at home, and she spent most of the afternoon alternating between her new toys and her new games. She played Pet Shops & Ponyvilles, then the new My Little Pony and Hello Kitty games on the DS. Per her, it was the best birthday ever!


  1. Happy Birthday, Faith!!

    Hey, I wanted to let you know, this is a crazy coincidence...
    But I am an ex-pat canadian as well - living in arizona now with my husband and two kiddos. And weird but true, we have the same blog template! :)

    Hope you have a great day!


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