Volleyball Girl!

Today kicked off another fun-filled season of Lady Lions Volleyball.

Last year, the girls played 3 seasons in the 1st/2nd grade league. All of the girls but one were in first grade. This year, we assumed they would play in the second grade league, but PSA's rules meant that our one third grader couldn't play with us. So instead, the entire team moved up to the third grade league; basically, we have 7 second graders and 1 third grader (and Faith is still 6 and really should have been in first grade this year).

The girls went into this morning's tournament with the parents hoping that they could at least hold their own against bigger, stronger, more experienced kids, and with the assumption that they'd play in the lower third grade league because of the age factor.

They came out of the tournament with bronze medals! :o)

They were so excited, I can't wait to see them play this season, they are working together very well!

Faith is so proud of her medal--they really earned it!

Our team--Sandra (the coach and my co-4th grade teacher last year), Isabella, Faith, Jenna, Abby, Audrey, Sydney, Claire & Waverly

Faith & her best friend Abby, aren't they adorable?