What's Happened Since Ben's Birthday

Or the rest of the month in pictures!

We started homeschooling:

Then we took our first homeschooling fieldtrips!

First to a farm, to learn about pioneer life:

Then to a train museum to learn about trains & electricity:

Faith lost her first tooth:

And Shaun had a conference in Austin, so we tagged along with him.

First a road trip to San Antonio and the Alamo:

And lots of fun on the Riverwalk:

Faith completed the Alamo's Young Couriers program as part of her "schoolwork":

We went underground at the Natural Bridge Caverns to explore cave formations:

And bat-watching in Austin on the Congress Avenue Bridge:

The "cloud" of birds? It's really bats!

While Shaun conferenced, F&B and I went to the Capitol:

And checked out the cool exhibits at the Visitor Center, including cowboys:

Then we headed over to the Museum of Texas History where we saw an interactive movie and a really amazing museum:

We came home and Faith had a "Wizards of Waverly Place" movie pajama party with her friends:

Then back to schoolwork once again:

Lots more to come, we have some great homeschooling field trips planned, Faith's 7th birthday is on the horizon, the State Fair is coming soon, and I am hoping to head over to Fossil Rim & Dinosaur Valley with the kids before the weather changes.
Links from our road trip:
The Alamo

State Capitol of Texas
Texas History Museum
Bats in Austin


  1. Looks like you guys had a fun trip!

  2. Love it! What an awesome field trip!


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