Ben's Bird Lapbook (or what he did this week)

hThis week, Ben & I started a new lapbook on birds. I had downloaded a free unit study on birds ages ago, from a company called SmartSeeds. Shaun had printed it all for me awhile back and I've been waiting for a chance to use it. Since we had a week free from other plans, this was the week to do it!

This week, his lapbook had bird fact cards (that we used later), a bird memory game (which we played many times), the letter B and a bird to color as well as practice writing, and a bird graphing section where we counted birds of various colors and learned how to put them on a simple graph.

The bird cards in the upper pocket were also used to make a bird map. Each card said what continent the bird lived on and showed the shape of the continent, so Ben was able to match the birds to where they lived. We also used it to work on things like directions and letter recognition (North America starts with an N, can you find it? and Antarctica is at the very bottom of the map, which one is it?).

He also made a second counting book called "How Many Colorful Birds?" that I downloaded from Enchanted Learning. Each page had birds to count, color, then write the number and word for the number. Ben still traces most letters, but he did a great job.

Page 3 said "How many? Here are 3 green parrots." I love how he colored the branch separately.

He did an easy worksheet, also from Enchanted Learning where he had to find and circle 10 different birds. Faith had a math test to do, so I needed him busy & quiet! He has one more worksheet, if he wants to do it, where he can match names & birds.

I also hit the library last week and got tons of books, fiction & non-fiction, on birds:

There were a couple more I couldn't find on Amazon--a simple reader called "City Birds", one called "The Life Cycle of a Duck", and another life cycle one on Robins.

He is really enjoying the whole lapbook idea, so I may keep making these with him while his interest holds!


  1. Love your lapbook. We have tried this and Selena enjoys it as well, I need to do more of them with her. I love the study on birds!

  2. Your bird lapbook is fun. I like the books you read too.

    You should look at Magpie's Nest, An Egg is Quiet and Cradles in the Trees if you ever get the chance. These are awesome bird/nesting books that we LOVED when we did our bird/nest studies a while back!

  3. I love the books you used, and especially the lapbook.

  4. Great unit - so many bird activities. I am impressed with Ben's coloring abilities - my daughter is still very much uninterested in any coloring.


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