Halloween Preschool Lapbook {Homeschool}

While Faith was busy working on her very first homeschool lapbook for Fancy Nancy: Explorer Extraordinaire, Ben created a Halloween unit and Halloween Preschool Lapbook.

The boy totally loves the lapbook idea and the tangible end product. He begs daily to do school, which is great when I have a plan and not so great on the days we don't have school scheduled to begin with.  He also wants to do things like his sister does, so it's easer to just print him what he wants to do.

He designed the cover all by himself, and set up all the stickers to make a box. Rather than file folders like most traditional lapbooks use, we prefer construction paper, the larger 11 x 17 or 12 x 18 sheets.

Inside, he has a typical three panel book, with a variety of mini books and pockets. We did Halloween colors, Halloween counting, a pumpkin life cycle, Halloween word printing, Halloween addition book, and Halloween counting cards.

Inside the Book, from top left, working down:
  • For Halloween colors, each page says "I can color the {something} {some color}." From Enchanted Learning.
  • Halloween counting is foam stickers to match the writing on the bottom of the page (ie. 3 Cauldrons), self created with materials from the Dollar Tree
  • Pumpkin life cycle is a printable pumpkin life cycle. From Enchanted Learning.
  • Halloween writing is more of Halloween tracing as Ben got very frusturated trying to copy from line to line. I ended up writing the words lightly in pencil and he traced them instead.  From Enchanted Learning with modifications.
  • Halloween addition is another mini book with pages that say things like "How many ghosts? How many bats? How many ghosts AND bats?" From Enchanted Learning.
  • Halloween counting cards were a work bin activity this week. Ben had a set of index cards with a number written on it in pencil, plus the word for the number. He traced those in marker. Also in the bin was a sheet of stickers and he had to put as many stickers on each card as the number said. It was such a simple activity, but he loved it and it allowed him to do some independent work too.  Self created.

Of course, we read a ton of Halloween books. I sent Faith & Ben to find all the Halloween books in the house and they came up with a pile of about 30, not including general fall titles. A lot are character books (Snoopy, Clifford, Dora, Biscuit), so below are some of non-character favorites, and possibly a character or two as well!

Next up? I was hoping for frogs & toads since Faith is going to do Frog & Toad next week. However, Ben was looking through HomeschoolShare with me and wants to do a platypus one (he likes Perry the Platypus on Phineas & Ferb), so who knows?


  1. Love that he is helping you choose what he want to do next!! I love going through Homeschool Share too - they have some great lapbook helps.

    The front cover of his lapbook is great!! :)

  2. Love Ben's book. I need to try this with my boys. I'm sure they would love it.

  3. Beautiful job, Ben!

  4. Cute book! you are so organized. I struggle with this. Great work Ben!

  5. What a fantastic lapbook. Thanks for sharing it and linking up to the Halloween show and tell!

  6. Adorable!

    We don't do many lapbooks but my oldest actually did one on wolves last week.

  7. I love that Halloween lapbook! What a fun idea! We read many of those same Halloween books--I'd wanted Mouse's First Halloween but our library didn't have it.

    You had a fun, productive week.

    Thanks so much for linking up!!

  8. Wonderful lapbook! First time to visit your site. Nice to "meet" a fellow Texan. :)

  9. your lapbooks are way cool! awesome idea and learning tool!!!!!

  10. We enjoy Homeschool share and Enchanted Learning. I think it was a great idea that you have your son help you chose what to cover. Great lapbook. I like the pumpkin life cycle.

  11. This is a great lapbook, and Ben did a good job putting it together. Your Halloween book selection is staggering :) And it's pretty neat that Ben decides on what unit to do next - I hope that we will get there one day too. For now I mostly follow Anna's preschool curriculum and do something along same themes at home.


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