Ben's Nursery Rhyme & Fairy Tale Project

I've been meaning to post this here for awhile, but keep forgetting and I really do want it all in one place.

While Faith & I worked on summer review work, I helped Ben start on a whole project of nursery rhymes & fairy tales. We read tons of both and made a book of some of the titles we read. I had a bucket of fairy tale & nursery rhyme foam pieces, so we did pages for any title there were pieces for.

Ben traced the names of the titles and decorated each page with the foam pieces.

We did Hey Diddle Diddle:

For The Three Little Pigs, he cut out houses of straw, wood & bricks from scrapbook paper to put his piggies in:

For Little Bo Peep, he made a book page and we made different colored counting sheep on my Sizzix:

He liked the sheep math ie) Like, if 2 red sheep were playing and 3 blue sheep came along, how many sheep are there? And if 1 blue sheep ran away, how many are left? And 2 yellow sheep and 1 green sheep joined in, how many are there now?

For Goldilocks & the Three Bears, we made our final book page and Ben acted out the story, complete with gruff & squeaky voices:

We also worked on memorizing a few nursery rhymes. Ben is completely enthralled with making videos of himself and watching them on the computer. Plus, it's the grammar stage and repetition & recitation & narration are good things! These are Ben's dramatic renditions of Hey Diddle Diddle and Little Bo Peep:

What we read:
Mary Engelbreit - Mother Goose
James Marshall - Goldilocks & the Three Bears and The Three Little Pigs
Dara Goldman - Three Little Pigs
Iza Trapani - I'm a Little Teapot, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Mary Had a Little Lamb
David Gordon - The Three Little Rigs, The Ugly Truckling, Hansel & Diesel (these are fairy tales where all the characters are replaced with vehicles, Ben loved them!)


  1. How FUN!!! And even more so since he gets to watch himself!!! :)

    You are having too much fun with the sizzix. :)


  2. Looks like so much fun! I love the art work of the three little pigs!

  3. He is so good at writing. My 4 year old hates to write. He only likes writing in paint or salt or on the dry erase board. Wow!

  4. What a great project. Makes me want to pull out the sizzix and get more use out of it~!! :) I don't have the sheep one though. Doh~!! Might have to go looking on ebay. :)

  5. I love all that you did with the nursery rhymes.

    Love the Mary Engelbreit book too. She is one of my faves!

  6. MY goodness he is SOOOOOO CUTE! Love the art work too Shannon!

  7. This is something I've been working on with my kids. I love your sticker bin, where'd you find it?

  8. Wow - what a 4 year old can do! Those pages are great and so creative. It looks like Ben had a great week.


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