Fair Day on Friday {State Fair of Texas, Dallas}

Friday was *finally* nice enough for us to make it out to the State Fair. We were getting worried that we wouldn't even get to go once this year because the weather has been so bad. We usually go at least twice and the kids were quite antsy to make it there.

We were thrilled to see the Friday forecast actually planning on sun and crisper weather, so we packed up F&B and headed to the fair! The kids were so excited to go too!

We had to hit the very first of our State Fair traditions and get corndogs right away. F&B posed with the corndogs in front of Big Tex and Ben kept asking why he wouldn't keep talking.

My little Texans took a whirl on a mechanical bull ...

And Ben got ready for Saturday's Texas-OU game. He even picked his outfit by himself that morning, he told me that he was going to wear his "Texas shirt and Texas hat". The nice bull-riding cowboy gave him the UT beads to match.

There was a pretty cool Lego display this year and the kids got to drive 4 different activities to earn stickers.

Our yearly measurement with Big Tex--Faith is up to 50 inches.

And Ben is at 43 inches tall.

Ride time! The airplanes were new, I think.

They both love the firetruck ride and Ben was finally tall enough to ride on the ladder part to shoot water!

One of the race car rides, the other one I take pictures in every year was replaced by a bouncy bus. :o(

In between all of this, we did the usual, ate, walked, looked at animals, compiled a fun bag of freebies, ate some more, and lamented the fact that the weather sucked this year and we only got to go once.


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