Faith's School - Week of 9/28

I thought I'd start keeping a weekly journal in my blog about what we did at school during the week. Of course, I also keep a paper record. It's the teacher in me! I *need* a paper record. But I also thought it might be nice to kind of see what we did during the week.

That said, I picked an odd week to start. Faith's birthday was last Sunday. We had her party on Thursday and Shaun's mom took her out on Monday. She also had her first Brownie meeting, Prims, volleyball practice and the church sleepover, so I let her have a lighter week this week. Things will be back to normal this week and the beauty of homeschooling is that we could have a lighter week to accommodate some special events.

Highlights of our week:

Faith finished 5 lessons total in math. She had her Lesson 30 Math Test and scored 100%! We started working on easy multiplication--multiples of 10 and multiples of 2.

We finished grammar Chapter 8 and began Chapter 9. She had her grammar test and scored 96%. She finished the final draft of her first expository paragraph. She finished the first of our Explode the Code phonics books too.

For science, she finished two mini books about the sun (color & eclipses). We did not start the chapter on Mercury this week because she took an afternoon science class on magnets with her friend Alexandria.

In history, we moved on to the barbarians in Ancient Greece becoming civilized. She wrote her name in Greek letters, then we read the story of Odysseus and the Cyclops from Homer's Odyssey. She made a mini book of the story and illustrated it.

In Literature, we read Chapters 7 & 8 of The Boxcar Children and narrated/summarized the two of them. We talked about being a good worker and she began a compare & contrast list as suggested with Ch. 7.

In non-official school literature, she & I are still working our way through as many of the TX Bluebonnet nominees as we can. This past week, we read Help Me, Mr. Mutt, Maybelle in the Soup and Where I Live. Besides those, she is reading the Amelia Bedelia books to herself so she can take the quizzes and earn points on Book Adventure. Our current nightly read is The Boy at the Alamo that she found at the library a last week, we're both enjoying it!