Faith's School - Week of 10/12

The best of intentions always seem to fail. Despite my theory that this week, we'd have a solid week of school with no interruptions, we had out of town company, a little girl under the weather, and a brother who was off preschool all week. And we still have to squeeze in a day at the TX State Fair since we had tickets and it's the last week to go.

Despite all that, we did accomplish some school, just not as much as I would have hoped. We did a lot of finishing up this week.

We finished up our "Fascinating Facts on Mercury" in science and Faith added some illustrations to the page. She also read a cute little book on Mercury that I had gotten from the public library. It was much easier for her to read independently than that Apologia book. We finished up Cyrus the Great in history and had already done several of our Persian activities, so we called it a week with him!

In math, we finished up through our Chapter 40 test, then began the next two lessons where Faith started learning some pre-algebraic concepts, or as she calls them "pre-algeBAH". She loved it and it clicked so easily for her. She is very good at math. The first step into algebra in our program is finding missing digits. Ie) 14 + _3 = 87, where the _ is the missing number 7 (for 73).

In grammar, she finished up Chapter 10 with the last couple lessons and her test. For her writing assignment this week, I scrapped yet another expository paragraph and we went with acrostic poetry in the form of a ghost!

If you can't read it, it says:

Getting candy,
Halloween dressing up,
Owl costumes,
Scarecrow games--
The Halloween party!

Special thanks to Miss Gail for coming up with the word owl for O, Mommy was drawing a complete blank on that one, and Faith didn't want "or" or "over" or "our".

Last week, I made my executive decision about switching our literature program to lapbooks with reading material that Faith could read and understand independently. This was our first week with that idea and we started with "Fancy Nancy: Explorer Extraordinaire!" She voluntarily read the book and loved it, and was eager to start her first part of her lapbook, a mini-book of Nancy's exploring rules. It is just darling, illustrated and written neatly. I can't wait to see where this goes through the next week!


  1. Ooo, I want to hear more about your lapbooks for literature... I'm up in the air on reading...


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