Faith's School - Week of 10/5

Week 2 of trying to share what Faith did in school was slightly better than week 1. Except this week, my birthday fell on Wednesday, Ben had a field trip on Tuesday, and we had to do a Mon/Tu and Thur/Fri schedule.

Next week, I swear it will be more organized!!!

We plunged ahead in language arts, each day adding a couple of more pages. We are taking a break from Explode the Code for a week, while I figure out if we want to move onto the next book or do the half book.

Faith had another grammar test for Chapter 9 and scored a 97%! We moved on to the beginning of Ch. 10 and worked on homonyms & subject-verb agreement. She also wrote her second expository paragraph entitled "What I Like About Halloween". I printed her Halloween paper with cute ghosts on it and she wrote it very very neatly. We also learned that Mommy's topics are way better than the ones suggested in the grammar book!

In math, she had her lesson 35 test mid-week and scored 100%! She also scored 100% on every fact quiz she took this week (mixed addition facts, doubles subtraction, multiples of 10, etc). We moved ahead to counting quarters, complicated word problems and reviewing subtraction and halfs of doubles.

In History, she put the finishing touches on her mini book of Homer's Odyssey (it is awesome, I need to take pictures). We studied the first Olympic games and read some fun books about it while at the library. We started the next chapter about the Medes & the Persians and learned about Cyrus the Great.

For Science, she finished the very end of her "Sun" minibooks and added them to her notebook. We began the chapter about Mercury and learned how it is over 700 degrees where the sun shines on it and -300 degrees where it is facing away from the sun. She added some new fascinating facts to her Mercury notebook page.

Onto literature ...

We finished The Boy at the Alamo which we both really enjoyed and started Piper Read, Navy Brat which is another TX Bluebonnet nominee. We got a new Boxcar Children Mystery from the library to listen to in the car. Faith also read 2 Amelia Bedelia books and a Nate the Great book to herself and took the AR-like tests on Book Adventures. She's saving her points for a new Ponyville toy.

And then there is our regular literature program, which I am about to shelve for the time being. :o( We have been reading the Boxcar Children out loud, which Faith is thoroughly enjoying. The book is right on her comprehension level, as long as I am reading it, but it is above her reading ability for independent reading. She reads independently at a typical second grade level, so I've been debating this for a few weeks anyhow.

That said, the literature guide I am using is so far beyond her abilities & interests that I am rewriting a lot of things as we are going along. The independent work is above her skill level and to bring it down to her level loses a lot of the quality of the work. As well, we do our own history & science and the program I have includes a lot of both subjects.

Starting next week, we are going to switch to more of a unit-study, lapbooking format with books that she can read mostly independently. We'll finish Boxcar Children out loud for pleasure and continue our other good read alouds, but we're going to use something that she'll get more out of for the time being. She's going to be excited when she figures out what we are doing. She's really been wanting to do lapbooking like Ben and now we have a place to fit it in!