Summary of the Week, so far

Saturday - After Lowe's, there was volleyball. Then there was waiting for Chantel & Hannah to arrive! They made it here a little after midnight.

Sunday - There was skipping church, lunch at American Girl, then shopping at Ikea.

Then there was playtime for the kiddos, dinner at Chili's and Faith having to go home early with Shaun because she didn't feel well.

Monday - The girls hung out, Chantel & Hannah left, Ben had preschool, then Faith had Brownies, where she earned her very first Try-It (Point, Click & Go).

Tuesday was supposed to be back to normal but Faith got up not feeling well again, so she mostly rested and Ben mostly played.

Wednesday was a day off preschool for Ben, so we hung out, did school work, started some Halloween projects, looked for books, then F&B had church and I went to a belated birthday dinner with my friends.

Thursday, so far, appears to be normal--homeschooling, meals, then life group tonight.
If all goes as planned, tomorrow is Fair Day!