Field Trip to the new Grossology Exhibit {SciTech Discovery Center, Frisco}

My friend Michelle invited us to tag along with her homeschool group for a field trip. We've been wanting to check out the new Grossology exhibit, so we were more than happy to join them! We hadn't been to the SciTech Discovery Center yet and were quite thrilled to find it was all of 10 minutes from our house.

The exhibit was so much fun and F&B loved it. It's subtitled "The Impolite Science of the Human Body", so what wasn't there to like about it for a 7 and 4 year old? It's all about fun things like snot, poop, belching, etc; the kids were thoroughly amused.

They got to shoot objects up a giant nose!

And they learned all about snot with Nigel Nose It All (Did you know humans swallow a soda bottle worth of snot a day? I was perfectly happy not knowing this.)

Ben got to see what it looks like inside when you digest food:

This was possibly their favorite part, a giant Operation game. They played repeated rounds with their friends Audrey & Gracie, we may need to get Operation for Christmas for them.

Other highlights included making tooting sounds in the Gas Attack part, making another exhibit burp by pumping air into it, and climbing & sliding on a giant digestive track.

I called it science for the day and left it at that. ;o)