Our Frog-Filled Week!

Miss Faith is doing a lapbook on Frog & Toad are Friends, so I decided to try my hand at a similar unit for Mr. Ben. His theme this week was frogs as well, though not about a specific book.

Again, we made a lapbook, but I think we will make one more component tomorrow. As much as I like the lacing frog, neither of us want to glue it down into the book. So imagine that the lacing frog spot is replaced with a mini book on the colors of frogs. I have a Sizzix frog, so I'm going to punch out 6 different color frogs for him to paste in a book with each page saying "The frog is [color]." He can trace the word in the right color, then glue in his matching frog. :o)

That said, here is the rest of the lapbook:

Top left is a lacing frog (to be replaced with a color book), underneath is an envelope that holds a counting frog set I made Ben. The middle panel has an F is for Frog coloring picture, a Venn diagram that shows similarities & differences between frogs & toad (which has glued on answers now, but weren't there when I took the picture) and F writing practice. The right panel has a shape of a frog dot-to-dot and a little life cycle of a frog book.

The Venn diagram & life cycle books were from Enchanted Learning, the F is for Frog & F writing is from First-School, I cannot remember where I found the frog dot-to-dot anymore. The counting frogs & frog lacing card are me-created, I even drew the lacing frog, so feel free to ooh & ahh at it! ;o)

A closer view of the counting frog game I made for Ben! There are 20 frogs. Ten are numbered 1-10, the other ten have little black flies on them, numbering from 1-10 flies (ok, they are really just Stickles dots, but play along here).

Ben loved these! He really likes math activities, so I need to think of some slightly more complicated ones for him, he is so good at it!

And my very special, *homemade* lacing frog! He is truly one of a kind, because I have zero intention of making another one. :o)

We've also read lots of frog books this week. There is a great children's librarian at the library Faith & I go to while Ben is in preschool and she helped me find a ton of great frog books. Green Wilma was a favorite that she recommended and we all loved. Faith, of course, was using Frog & Toad for her actual work and we all really like Froggy to begin with.

I'm not sure what next week will bring. Ben is still lobbying for the platypus book and I promised him we will do it, just as soon as I figure out what to do with it. Personally, I'm thinking fall, thanksgiving, leaves, etc. :o)

ETA: Faith's frog lapbook is here. She pointed out that there are more comments for Ben's stuff than hers, so if you'd care to check it out, she does like to read what people say. :o)


  1. That little lacing card you made is awesome!! Thanks for some great book ideas too.

    I appreciate you linking up! You had another fun week and I enjoyed reading about all that you did.

  2. What fun activities...we did a frog book this week too!!

  3. What a fun week. I keep eyeying a sizzix and have yet to buy it.
    I think if I did, I'd do even less cleaning than I do right now.

  4. Nice lacing frog and a great lapbook. I am admiring everyone's lapbooks knowing fully well that I will never do one myself. Well, maybe not never, but at least until Anna is able to do most of it :)

  5. Those frogs are so cute!


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