Preschool This Week - All About Fall!

This week, I've been doing some catch up work with Faith--a trip to the planetarium and a booklet to make about space, putting finishing touches on her Frog & Toad lapbook (especially the science part), a math test, a grammar test, finishing a couple of Brownie badges, finishing Book Adventure tests, etc. This is all in preparation for doing a big Thanksgiving theme unit for both kids coming up.

Because of this, I opted not to do a specific lapbook with Ben this week. Instead, we used our bins and focused on some fun fall-related activities & books with no final product in mind.

A sample of our bins this week:

From the left, cutting practice, clothes pin leaf counters, fall books to read with Mommy, puzzles, cookie cutter tracing and coloring and pompom scooping & sorting (into orange pumpkins for fall!). During the week, I rotated the fall books & puzzles, changed the cookie cutters around and added new cutting patterns, but kept the general bin theme the same to make it easier on me.

For cutting practice, Ben had child safe scissors and card stock with simple patterns drawn on it--straight lines, zig zags, curves. I was really impressed at how well he can cut! For those who don't know me well, we do *not* allow free access to scissors in my house. Hence, my kids are usually a bit behind in cutting skills, but well ahead in hair growing & staying skills.

Our leaf counters--these were posted in a previous blog, so no need to explain again. I found the idea on here originally.

Ben sorted pompoms into a really cute pumpkin silicone ice cube tray. The scooper he is using is actually a very shallow spatula, also silicone & orange. Ben likes orange. The pompoms were 5 each of 4 colors, so I waited to see if he realized that there was a pattern. He did, so he made rows of matching colors.

Some of his many puzzles--these are Winnie the Pooh from the Dollar Tree. I can't keep up with Ben's puzzlemania, at least these are inexpensive!

Cookie cutter tracing! The bin had little squares of paper, a pencil, a box of crayons and 2 cookie cutters (pumpkin and simple leaf) to trace and color. I found the idea here and knew it would work for Ben. I have millions of cookie cutters, so we'll like do it again.

What am I missing? Ah yes, books of course! This week was a little harder to find tons of fall books in our collection because I was trying to keep the Thanksgiving books separate for next week. We did find a few:

Next up, more fall and lots of Thanksgiving, for both kids!



  1. I love how organized you have his bins, and I agree some weeks you just need to do what's easiest for mom! How great that he is so into puzzles, and those dollar store ones are just fine in my experience. I love that leaf counting with the clothespins - have to check that out! Thank you for sharing your week!

  2. I like the cookie cutter tracing.
    We love the dollar store puzzles as well. I don't get as upset when they lose a piece.

  3. Great activities :) I love the $1 store puzzles too. Looks like you had a fun week.

  4. Cookie cutter tracing is a great idea. It looks like an awesome week for Ben with so many hands-on activities. Thanks for sharing your week.


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